Free 3D Pokémon game!

Explore Pokémon regions like Kanto, Johto and many more
for the first time with amazing custom 3D graphics all while playing for free!

First Real Pokémon MMO and Party System

First Pokémon game ever that allows you to play not just against but with your friends together!
Play the story and countless of quests together with your friends in Co-op multi-battle mode!

Competitive Play and Raids

Custom PVP Battles and ranked ladders! Show them who's the best!
Or team up and prepare for the hardest team based dungeons and challanges in the game!


Join a guild with your friends and participate in unique guild challanges!

Download PokéOne

PokéOne is a free-to-play Game and currently in Beta.

Check out Discord for download and updates: discord.gg/bNYRTFn